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Northern Monk - Blood Youth


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With ÒVisions of Another HellÓÕs sonic contrast reflecting on a time when the band felt comfort in torment, we wanted to recreate that experience with a beer that manages to find a little bit of lightness in the dark as well. The blackest black IPA weÕve ever brewed is surprisingly light and smooth - dehusked Carafa Special III malt keeps roast and astringency to a minimum - providing a mellow platform for Idaho 7 and SabroÕs cocktail of pineapple, young coconut, and lime. 240g/l of fresh pineapple split between mid and post fermentation amps up the tropical notes of the hops and keeps the fruit flavour and aroma vibrant.

Northern Monk - Blood Youth | Tropical Imperial Black IPA | 9.0% abv | 440 ml