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Northern Monk - Golden Hour


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Breaking with Laura Slater series tradition of brewing single-hop hazy IPAs to bring you...a single-hop West Coast style Double IPA. We’ve been itching to do a single-hop brew with Centennial from Crosby Farms for a little while, and its extra-high oil content brings a resinous citrus flavour like no other which, when showcased in a crystal-clear, deep golden West Coast style, has to be one of best experiences craft beer has to offer. Starting with an 8% ABV base of Crystal and some depth-building Munich malts, we added fresh-harvest 2020 Centennial at four stages of the brewing process to bring out everything the hop has to offer, from swelling pine resin through to top notes of pithy grapefruit, pulpy blood orange, and lime zest. Our tribute to those who blazed a trail before us, raise it as a toast to the likes of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

Northern Monk - Golden Hour | Double IPA | 8.0% abv | 440 ml

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