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Northern Monk - Patrons Project 34.05 Fruited IPA

We could all do with some good luck, and good karma. For the latest Amy Hastings release, we have turned to the Wheel of Fortune. For the collaborating brewery, we were thrilled to be able to invite UCHU BREWING, all the way from Hokuto, Japan. We are only the second ever UK brewery to collab with them, and we’re proud to have secured them for a brew day for Wheel of Fortune, and if you were lucky enough to try their beers at Hop City, you’ll know just how good they are. With Amy’s artwork, we picked out lots of astrological symbolism, picking out links to water, Mercury, and salt, which we translated into water – a pretty essential part of beer; the colour red, with flavours of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry; a nod to Gose beers, known for their high salinity; and IPAs, where sulphur, and sulphates, have a big impact on hop expression and bitterness. The result from all that is a 6.0% Salted Berry IPA, hopped with three formats of Mosaic to accentuate the berry fruit character, with a high salinity contributing to a very full mouthfeel.

Northern Monk - Patrons Project 34.05 Fruited IPA | Fruit IPA | 6.0% abv | 440ml

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