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Northern Monk - Soft Centre Imperial Stout // Amy Hastings // The Lovers


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For the debut beer in Amy HastingsÕ tarot-inspired Patrons Project, it felt natural to reference The Lovers, a card symbolising, among other things, partnership.
One of the intriguing aspects of tarot is the juxtaposition of cardsÕ appearances and their range of interpretations - not everything is as it originally seems. We wanted to recreate this contrast of darkness and light by pairing AmyÕs bright, bold, and colourful artwork with an inky, ominously dark Imperial Stout.
Continuing along the LoversÕ theme, taking inspiration from Valentines chocolate boxes presented the opportunity for further contrast - recreating the sensation of bright, sweet, red-fruit soft centres glimmering through the cracks in dark, bittersweet chocolate.
That dark chocolate comes from Chocolate malt in the grist, further enhanced with cacao nibs - along with Caramalt and Special B, Crystal Malts & Oats for silky, creamy mouthfeel, plus Vanilla & Lactose for fondant sweetness. Strawberries and Cherries are added post-fermentation to keep their aromas vibrant and ensure their sweet berry flavours shine through.

Northern Monk - Soft Centre Imperial Stout // Amy Hastings // The Lovers | Strawberry, Cherry, Cacao, Vanilla Imperial Stout | 10.0% abv | 440 ml

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