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Northern Monk x Laura Slater - Patrons Project 25.05 Private Idaho?


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Next up in our single hop explorations with Laura Slater brings us to one of the current favourIt's in the Northern Monk brewhouse ? Idaho 7.

This variety has been around for a few years but has really grabbed the spotlight more recently. Studies have shown it to be a great option for tropical fruit hop flavours not just in the dry hop but in the whirlpool as well. These kind of flavours and aromas are often the most volatile so when you find a variety that can impart flavours in this vein on brew day that can then survive the rigours of fermentation, then as a brewer you know you?re on to a winner!

As with previous beers in the series, this DDH IPA is built on a smooth base of wheat and flaked oats, and we made sure to hop generously in the whirlpool to take full adventure of our chosen hop varieties characteristics. After fermentation with our house IPA yeast, with a cheeky mid-ferm hop addition, we dry hopped two more times to bring a single hopped IPA offering layers of tropical character and notes of bergamot orange, black tea and sticky pine resin.