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Oliver's - Cheddar On My Mind #2


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Cider made with Cheddar in Mind A collaboration between Cellarman Sam & Tom Oliver Herefordshire, where Oliver's is based, is a region that knows good cheese, and it's a natural combination, one well known to cider makers & dating back centuries - drinking their ciders with the local cheeses. This collaboration was born to celebrate and champion the British countryside, and pay respect to the quality makers it holds; being blended specifically to pair with farmhouse cheddar. The return of a much loved collaboration, this iteration has elevated alcohol with good hint of barrel. Layered and complex cider with soft tannins, juicy orange and tropical fruit, barrel and vanilla with a full and long lasting taste.

Oliver's - Cheddar On My Mind #2 | Cider | 7.4% abv | 750ml

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