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Oliver's - The Mayflower Fourth Voyage Into Uncharted Territory


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Barrel fermented & aged cider co-fermented with partial ice cider: made with classic bittersweet & bittersharp varietals such as Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin, Catley Red, Foxwhelp, & Redstreak, from traditional Herefordshire orchards grazed by sheep & Hereford cattle. Opens up with a pop, & foamy pour that settles quickly. Golden in colour, the barrel wood & vanilla hits you first then ripe fruit, & layered fruity residual sweetness from the ice cider before pushy tartness makes itself known. This is a fruity barrel aged cider with full mouthfeel & long lasting aftertaste. Vanished from the Irish landscape since the late 1970s, superseded by more economically rewarding crosses, all that remained of Hunter was a 50-gram bag in the seed bank of the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine. Planted in greenhouse grow bags, these 50 grams grew to four kilograms, and the cycle went again and again over two years until there was enough for ten acres and subsequently for it to return to full-time commercial production. We're absolutely delighted to get our hands on barley with such great history and put this into one of our favourite lager styles Helles. Distilled with 100% green electricity. Produced with 100% organic ingredients. Packaged with 100% plastic free materials.

Oliver's - The Mayflower Fourth Voyage Into Uncharted Territory | Traditional Cider | 4.5% abv | 750ml

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