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Omnipollo - Church Amun BA


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Our first BA stout from the church going into bottles. A labour of love and my favorite Omnipollo stout to date. This massive beer started its journey in Richmond over four years ago at THE VEIL. We brewed a huge imperial stout that spent years going between Laird’s apple brandy barrels, BLISS maple syrup barrels and various bourbon barrels. Last year our BFF Matt Tarpey (The Veil) joined us at the church to brew another huge imperial stout. This was then blended with the BA Richmond brewed stout in 50/50 proportion and transferred into Buffalo Trace bourbon, Laird's apple brandy barrels and BLISS maple syrup barrels here at the church for another 16 months. Finishing treatment on toast/raw coconut and Ugandan vanilla beans for 3 months.

Omnipollo - Church Amun BA | BA Imperial Stout | 17.0% abv | 375ml

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