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Otherworld Brewing - Raspberry & Oat


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Full-bodied and sessionable raspberry beer with bright, tropical fruit esters. Taking inspiration from Nordic brewing, this beer is fermented with Ebbegarden Kveik. Choosing not to boil, and instead only heating the wort to 82c, leaves more protein in the beer which adds a real juicy side to this beer. Taking inspiration from the iconic banana split, you’ll find sweet fruit flavours from ripe banana, layered with dark chocolate and caramel. There’s a luscious and smooth mouth feel from creamy vanilla, with a hint of almond mimicking the dessert’s crumbled topping, all resting on our mixed house culture for a delicately sour finish.

Otherworld Brewing - Raspberry & Oat | Fruit Beer | 5.5% abv | 440 ml

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