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Overtone - Yaldi


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Re Brew Packaged 22nd February 2022 This is the first beer in our 'Lost in Translation' Series Yaldi; A Scottish slang interjection expressing excitement or joy. Our beer series ‘Lost in translation’ is here. Scottish people all around the world are historically mis-understood. We wanted to pay homage to this fact and name each beer with oor favourite Scottish slang words. Be prepared to be scratching yer heeds at these beer names! #Yaldi is a Sabro Oat cream NEIPA that is bursting with tropical flavours, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Contains lactose. Hops: Sabro, Cashmere, Idaho 7, Mosaic

Overtone - Yaldi | New England IPA | 6.6% abv | 440 ml

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