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Pilot - BA New York Sour


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A just-for-fun collaboration with the Edinburghs Panda & Sons bar. This is a very special beer, drawing inspiration from the New York Sour cocktail. In Autumn 2021 we put a specially brewed pale, sour beer in ex-bourbon barrels. Some 12 months later, to impart the freshest flavours, we used a fermentation vessel as a giant cocktail shaker, mixing in sublime red grape juice from Nibiru Wines of Austria, fresh lemon juice and zest, with a champagne yeast to finish it off. The result is a highly flavoursome sipper of a beer; complex, tart, tannic and zesty, with smooth oaky bourbon vanillins.

Pilot - BA New York Sour | BA Sour | 10.5% abv | 330 ml

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