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Pohjala - Pime Oo PX


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Sherry barrel aged limited version of Pime ??. Taste: Big and bold, this immediately makes the Pedro Ximenez felt. Luxuriously sweet, with a heavy presence of cherry and chocolate. The raisin character from the aroma comes through again, sliding down the tongue smoothly. Best enjoyed when sipped by a fireplace. Appearance: Jet black with a brief ruby tinted light brown head. Nose: The smell of dates, raisins, cranberries, and above all, sherry overwhelm the room. Blackcurrant jam, smooth chocolate, and a light toasted oak character come through later, whilst sweet malts and a hint of alcohol closes the aroma. Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Special B, Crystal 300, Crystal 150, Crystal 200, Carafa type 2 special, Chocolate malt, Chocolate Rye, Oats Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer