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Polly Brew - Deeper and Deeper


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Whilst the Pale Ale is definitely king of the castle at the moment, we wanted to make sure we kept our fingers in the Double IPA pie that forged the reputation of our brewery as it is today. The style that sets our biggest fans wild with excitement whenever we release one, Deeper and Deeper - named for an in-joke within the brewery over the pronunciation of DIPA - rests within that lower ABV range of our stronger output; not too strong to knock someone for six, but hearty enough to hold its own against one of its bigger siblings. Layered to the nines with Citra and Galaxy, this beer is positively dripping with stone fruit sweetness, backed up by a hearty addition of Citra in the whirlpool for an underlying bitterness throughout. Dank, juicy, sweet, and a full on hazebomb - this truly is the style we feel most at home brewing.

Polly Brew - Deeper and Deeper | Double IPA | 7.9% abv | 440 ml