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Polly Brew - Five Years


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Closing out the trilogy of some of the biggest beers we’ve ever produced is a step back to what we do best; welcome Five Years. After setting phasers to hype with our previous efforts at Quad IPAs, we wanted to nail absolutely every facet of this style for our fifth birthday; creating the best beer we possibly could and pushing the boundaries of what our brew kit will allow us to produce. Featuring an insane 28g/l dry hopping rate of Mosaic and Idaho 7, the flavour profile on this beer is all about candy sweetness - expect pineapple squares, bubblegum, sticky marmalade and mango. With a warm booziness just hiding in the background, and just a whisper of bitterness, this might be the stickiest, juiciest beer we've ever produced.

Polly Brew - Five Years | Quadruple IPA | 13.2% abv | 440 ml

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