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Polly Brew - Golden Triumph


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The best thing about that period between finishing for our annual festive shutdown and coming back to work in the new year is definitely the ability we have to throw a couple of “set and forget” styles into tank to just do their thing over a couple of weeks. Golden Triumph was born from our passion of the classic styles, and the influence of the very first commercial brewers on what would become the craft beer movement we’re living in today. Warm fermented using ale yeast, and then cold conditioned like a lager, we’ve gently hopped this beer with US hop Triumph to impart subtle orange peel notes to offset against its noble lineage of EKG, Mittelfruh, Nugget and Brewer’s Gold. Crisp, delicate and perfect for sessioning - line up the Stanges!

Polly Brew - Golden Triumph | Kölsch | 4.6% abv | 440 ml

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