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Polly's Brew - 2+2=5 (Collab Neon Raptor)


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What can you do, thought Polly’s, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy? With the clocks striking thirteen on a bright, rainy day at the brewery recently, we welcomed our good friends Neon Raptor to North Wales to brew a beer. With our incredibly wonderful, well planned, and easy to understand new duty reform as our jumping pad, we figured why not brew a beer in honour of this magnificent new gift bestowed on us, and 2+2=5 is the result. Weighing in at 8.4%, because we wouldn’t want to innovate too much, and hopped with Strata, Mosaic, and Cashmere to impart all manner of dank, juicy, tropical notes, in what might be our most moderated piece of innovation yet. Just make sure to enjoy in a pre-approved takeaway container.

Polly's - 2+2=5 (Collab Neon Raptor) | DIPA | 8.4% abv | 440ml

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