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Polly's Brew - Built To Weather

A porter in the middle of summer? You’re mad, Polly’s! Once again proving our theory that beer is for all seasons, we wanted to let our dark beer fans know that they aren’t excluded from the summer party here at Polly’s HQ. Following in the same vein as our other deviations away from our traditional pale and hoppy path, we’ve stripped things back to the basics here with Built to Weather. A porter as bold and robust as they come, this is a beer that firmly allows the grist bill to do the talking, and it’s singing on this beer. Carafa Special, Chocolate, Crystal Dark, Milled Brown and Milled Double Roast Crystal made up an awesome combination of special malts that bring smooth roasted coffee notes, backed up with dark chocolate, and a hint of caramel before a sprinkling of Polly’s favourite Chinook completes the back to basics vibe with a whisper of hoppy bitterness.

Polly's Brew - Built To Weather | Porter | 5.4% abv | 440ml

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