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Polly's Brew - Distinct Kingdoms


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Sometimes youÕve just got to accept your own label and embrace your status as a modern day hop slinger. Distinct Kingdoms throws the very notion of old school out of the window Ð this is 100% new school hype hops hitting all the tropical notes you could want from a hazy pale ale. Starting things off with a 10kg addition of Mosaic in the whirlpool, bitterness is all but a whisper in this beer, as weÕve gone big with a hefty dry-hop charge of Idaho 7 and even MORE Mosaic to bring a certified swag bag of mango, peach and blueberry notes, before Idaho 7 takes the reins with a metric tonne of juicy tropical notes, with stonefruits and sticky pine, before fainter notes of black tea round things off.

Polly's Brew - Distinct Kingdoms | Pale Ale | 5.5% abv | 440 ml