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Polly's Brew - Float


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Sometimes the best big beers are the ones with the simplest hop bills. As massive advocates for keeping things simple and uncomplicated – whether that’s our clean artwork, down to our policy when we first started of keeping to what we were comfortable with to focus our expertise, we see so much value in bringing things back to basics and doing things well with a smaller set of ingredients. Taking direct influence from a can of Treehouse Jjjuiceee Project we were lucky enough to be gifted, we’ve utilised the blueprints of the masters from Massachusetts and given it a completely Polly’s twist. Utilising a smaller than usual hot side addition so we’re able to maximise the tropical characteristics of the hops on the cold side, this beer brings two Polly’s stalwarts in Citra and Galaxy to produce a beer that shouts out to the haze craze breweries we ourselves were influenced by, with our own flourish to boot.

Polly's Brew - Float | Double IPA | 8.1% abv | 440ml

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