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Polly's Brew - Flora Fauna Air and Water


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Our staff-designed beers are back again for 2021, and this time around, all bets are off ? no style is sacred, and no corners are being cut. This time our brewer Joe takes the reins with Flora, Fauna, Air & Water ? an absolutely huge tribute to the triple-fruited gose style perfected by our pals North Brewing. Choosing to use Sloe berries, sour Cherries, and blackberries in his beer, along with some of that Halen M?n sea salt left over from Smooth Craze a couple of weeks ago, this beer is touching smoothie levels of thickness; with blackberries bringing sweet tart notes to the party, before some intense plum sweetness joins from the sloe berries, before rounding off with some subtle sweet shop candied sourness from the old Polly?s