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Polly's Brew - Instant Motion


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That pyramid dry hop, it just keeps on cropping up when you least expect it right? Ebbing and flowing in and out of our brew plans, we're purposely making the technique stumbled upon by our owner Sean during the peak of lockdown a special occasion whenever it rears its head. Purposely designed to accentuate each individual varietal, we like to work with the most pungent at the top of the tree, before cascading down into progressively larger additions as the intensity decreases. Nelson takes the lead on this beer, imparting those delicious gooseberry and white wine notes a-plenty, before a larger addition of Idaho 7 rocks up to the party with pineapple sweetness, finishing off with a final flourish of Citra and its pithy citrus notes.

Polly's Brew - Instant Motion | Pale Ale | 5.6% abv | 440ml

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