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Polly's Brew - Oh My... Vol.3


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The best things always come in trilogies don’t they? It’s been a long time coming, but our third entry into the Oh My series of beers might be our most complex to date. A series that delves into the wonderful world of Sabro and the little quirks that accentuate it in different pairings, we could have gone anywhere after the v1 pairing of Sabro and Citra, and then v2’s pairing of Sabro and Simcoe. Wanting to eschew the expected direction of new school hype silliness on v3’s effort, we’ve gone ahead with a much more mature hop pairing this time around; choosing the Australian titan Enigma to pair with Sabro this time around. Why Enigma we hear you ask? Honestly, it’s the absolute bomb - the wonderful idiosyncracies of Enigma’s redcurrant and cantaloupe flavours bounce off Sabro’s coconut, apricot and cream, and cedar notes so well that we were absolutely astounded when we took a sample from tank. Easily our most complex entry into the Oh My canon yet, but arguably the most flavoursome.

Polly's Brew - Oh My... Vol.3 | Pale Ale | 5.8% abv | 440ml

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