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Polly's Brew - Old & New (collab Brouwerij Kees)


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It all started as most collaborations seem to start - a busy and bustling festival atmosphere, sharing beers from some of the best breweries in the world, when a suggestion is thrown into the elated, boozy ether - shall we brew a beer together? After meeting for the first time at one of our first international festivals Billies Craft Beer Festival back in late 2022, we had no idea that OG craft titan Kees Bubberman - former brewmaster at Brouwerij Emelisse before launching his own brewery in 2015 - was actually serious about working with us. An opportunity arose earlier in the year that allowed for a visit over to the UK and planning immediately began - our real strength lies in big, strong silly beers, so why not brew a big, strong silly beer together? Old and New brings a metric tonne of Citra, Galaxy and Nelson together for an almighty TIPA that is equal parts dank, juicy, and tropical. Insane.

Polly's Brew - Old & New (collab Brouwerij Kees) | Triple IPA | 10.0% abv | 440ml

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