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Polly's - Off Colour

We’ve gone on record plenty of times for our love of Mosaic here at Polly’s. A varietal that is as complex as its name suggests, and rightly weaved throughout our beers across our five years, we absolutely love how this stateslide slammer gives off a wonderful prominent bouquet of red berries, tropical fruit, and citrus, backed up with more subtle notes of blueberries, bubblegum and mango to boot. Now that we know this varietal like the back of our hand, we’re at a point here in the brewery where we’re trying to discover what accompanying hops really bring the best out of this in-house favourite and accentuate those flavours to the nines. With Off-Colour, we thought why not try out a classic C hop in Centennial, as well as an Antipodean classic in Vic Secret - the grassy bitterness, and clean herbal pine notes in our opinion bring everything together perfectly in an IPA that shows off all the classic Polly’s characteristics - juicy, hazy, with just a whisper of bitterness on the back end.

Polly's - Off Colour | IPA | 6.4% abv | 440ml

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