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Polly's - Snugger


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Enigma and Mosaic is a hop combination that we know works really well together, but how do you take it to the next level? Easy - drop one of them from the hot side, keep these two incredibly pungent and aromatic hops exclusively for your cold side additions, and utilise a classic C-hop to release all those wonderfully potent hop oils in the boil for your bitterness. With the hot side additions taken care of that means more to utilise in the dry-hop, and boy have we made the most of it on Snugger. With a slightly more gentle dry hop g/l to account for the pungency of these two incredible varietals, this beer is positively bursting with tangerine juiciness, bubblegum sweetness,with more subtle notes of raspberries, white grape and redcurrant.

Polly's - Snugger | IPA | 6.3% abv | 440ml

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