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Pressure Drop - Karate


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Idaho-7 & Citra New England IPA Juicy overripe mango & luscious pineapple notes with a touch of citrus that’s more satsuma than lemon/lime. Soft and full mouthfeel but light enough to keep you coming back for more. This fruit basket has a black belt.Expect sweet flavours of chocolate and vanilla layered with delicately tart cherries in our Tonka Black Forest Gateau, Session Sour. The addition of Tonka beans creates an amazing aroma, amplifying vanilla and cherry notes. With every sip you can almost picture the irresistible black forest gateau that inspired this decadent, but sessionable, pastry sour.

Pressure Drop - Karate | New England Hazy IPA | 7.2% abv | 440 ml

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