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Queer Brewing - Queer Joy! Queer Power!


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Happy birthday us! Queer Brewing was born four years ago this April, and we're celebrating in style. We've collaborated with one of our favourite designers on this unctuous chocolate stout: Black Lodge Press is an ongoing print project by printmaker and designer Cj Reay inspired by DIY queer culture, working class history, and anarchist politics. Our power as queer people stems from the radical act of finding joy in a world determiend to oppress us. Our joy, and our power, is forever worth celebrating at every turn. Just like birthdays! Queer Joy! Queer Power! is a rich and luscious chocolate stout, evoking memories of eating chocolate birthday cake off a paper plate with a flimsy fork, and licking icing off your fingers

Queer Brewing - Queer Joy! Queer Power! | Stout | 6.4% abv | 440 ml

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