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Rosewood - Blau

100% Blaufränkisch from the gang at Rosewood Winery. This grape usually stars in the far-flung corners of Eastern Europe and throughout Austria but here it comes from humble cool-climate vineyards in Niagara. Don't think too much of the change of locale, this is still as juicy, as vervy and as fun as its European cousins. Whole berry fermented, matured for 5 months in neutral French oak barrels and bottled into party-starting 1L format. Under 10% ABV, this is an easy-going summer sipper and patio ripper. Slightly spicy notes dance around the palate with sour cherry, wild summer strawberry and just-ripe cranberry. There's a suggestion of bitterness and tannin - perhaps a tea leaf quality? - near the finish but in a very pleasing and balancing way to the juicy, electric red fruit vibes.

Rosewood - Blau | Red Wine | 11.0% abv | 750ml

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