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S43 / Beer

S43 - Big Show


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So you know how we just said we often brew big pastry stouts with flashy extras…well we are true to our word! This time we’ve teamed up with the daft guys from Vault City to produce not one but two crazy beers! Our collabs were built around the love of fruited cheesecake. Here at S43 we’ve brewed an Imperial Cherry Cheesecake Stout, loaded up with sour cherry and sweet cherry purees. A complex malt bill provides all of those classic pastry stout flavours so it’s a bit like drinking your own liquid boozy chocolate cherry cheesecake in a can. Expect a taste of dark chocolate covered cherries, freshly baked cheesecake and a bit of malted milk shake. Our collab brewed at VC had to be a sour so weve gone for a big Rasberry Cheesecake Sour. Full on pastry sour with tart raspberries and sweet cheesecakey goodness. We’d encourage you to try both, taste both, and then if you’re feeling extra wild blend the two together to create your own Imperial Sour Cherry/Raspberry Cheese Stout!!!!

S43 - Big Show | Sour Cherry, Raspberry Cheesecake Sour | 10.1% abv | 440 ml

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