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S43 / Beer

S43 - Cerveza


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With our recent heatwave it's felt a bit like we should be sitting on a Mexican beach, chugging a refreshing Mexican Lager. We can't get you to the beach but we can give you a delicious and thirst quenching lager! Brewed in the style of a Mexican Lager, which is quite popular in our brewer's home state of Texas, we've added some maize as is traditional. Mexican lagers are often served "dressed" with the glass rimmed with sea salt and a fresh lime wedge. So we've added just a hint of lime juice and sea salt during fermentation to bring you the full authentic experience all in 1 can. Cerveza is light and crisp with a rounded hop character and a slight zing of citrus and salt. The perfect antidote to these temperatures!

S43 - Cerveza | Mexican Style Lager | 4.1% abv | 440 ml

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