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Salt Beer Factory - VIPL 2.0 (Donzoko collab)


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VIPL is a collision of two worlds.

The deep citrus and piney resinous of West Coast IPA's meeting the sweet crush-ability of Vienna lagers. This beer uses 95% Vienna malt in the grist, which gives you the beautiful amber hue and sweet refreshing body.

Combined with time, a 6-week lagering phase to enhance the brightness of the beer and leave you with a crisp finish.

Hopping this was a no brainer, Citra and Simcoe the classic duo of the West Coast world featuring the return of an old favourite. Centennial!

Combined they give you a dank tropical pine bomb with a soft orange bitter after-taste.

Salt Beer Factory - VIPL 2.0 (Donzoko collab) | India Pale Lager | 6.3% abv | 440 ml