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Schlenkerla - Rauchbier Marzen


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Smokebeer from Schlenkerla is a dark, aromatic, bottom fermented beer with 13.5 percent original extract, which is equivalent to an alcohol content of 5.1 percent. No doubt: there are stronger beers, but nevertheless, one should not underestimate Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, it can make you schlenker quite a bit. Its smoky flavor is being achieved by exposing the malt to the intense, aromatic smoke of burning beech-wood logs at the Schlenkerla-maltings. After mixing it with premium-class hops in the brew, it matures in 700 year old cellars, deep down in the hills of Bamberg, into a mellow magnificent-tasting beer.

Schlenkerla - Rauchbier Marzen | Smoked Lager / Rauchbier | 5.1% abv | 500 ml