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Simple Things Fermentation - Big Ideas Series 20 - Wheat Wine


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Like a traditional barley wine, but fruitier. A richly textured sipping beer with expressive fruity and hoppy notes. Light amber with a golden/orange tint and some haze, topped with a tight white head that clings to the side of the glass. It's like inhaling Christmas cake mix; a big, fruity aroma with orange, banana, toffee, candied peel, sherry and dried fruit. Half of the grain bill is wheat, so there?s a bready-honey sweetness that?s balanced by a firm hop bitterness from English First Gold and Bramling Cross hops. Orange peel and boiled sweets mingle and there?s a sherry-like finish in which tannins, resin, citrus fruits and clean light alcohol notes linger long. Amazing with cheese.