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Tiny Rebel - 313 Lager


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So What's 313 all about then? Over the years we've brewed up many styles of lagers from Pilsners, Helles, Lychee Lagers to Key Lime Lagers and most recently an Italian style lager. Whilst brewing these many varieties our production team have been perfecting our brewing, cellaring & packaging techniques to make the perfect lager. From all of the hard work and experience along the way we have created a new Italian style pilsner that will bring a super clean, crisp and refreshing drinking experience. So what makes it the perfect lager? We've used our extra light pale malt along with a touch of flaked barley & rice to add a little more depth to the base beer whilst holding back on the sweetness and malty flavours that we didn't want in there. We also opted for a new wave hop called Hallertau Blanc, although it's been around for a few years it is not looked at as a classic lager hop due to having its own unique flavours & aromas. Being a daughter of the classic Cascade hop then expect soft grapefruit, white wine grapes, lemongrass & cucumber characteristics. We've even added a titchy bit of dry hop to give an extra edge whilst not overpowering the lager itself.

Tiny Rebel - 313 Lager | Lager | 4.6% abv | 330 ml

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