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Tiny Rebel - Cask Conditioned Milkshake IPA (10th Birthday) PRE ORDER


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We love a cask beer at Tiny Rebel. So we wanted to make sure that it would be in our main birthday line up in some way shape or form. We've created a recipe that will emulate a smooth, silky cask IPA whilst being poured from a keg. Using Citra and Mosaic hops, you'll find classic citrus, stone fruit, grassy flavours.

Who said cask is dead? We love cask beer, it was our original playground to find out what flavours work well and sometimes what doesn't work so well. This badge showcases some of our favourite from not so long ago and way back in the day.

Clarity: Hazy
Eye: Thick, Deep, Pale
Nose: Stone Fruit
Taste: Creamy, Hoppy

Tiny Rebel - Cask Conditioned Milkshake IPA (10th Birthday) | IPA | 4.2% abv | 440 ml

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