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Tiny Rebel - Cold Fermented IPA (10th Birthday) PRE ORDER


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Cold Fermented? That's right, we have fermented this IPA at a much lower temperature which gives you a notable difference. This brewing style gives the beer a more notable mouthfeel, fuller body, more rounded softer flavour and bolder flavours. It protects the hops during the brewing process, in this case Citra and Palisade for more pronounced flavours of citrus, lemon and floral herbs.

An ode to our designer and OG of Tiny Rebel Taz. Taz has been with us since day dot and has really helped shape and define the Tiny Rebel image we all know today. One of our hardest working members of staff and creator of all things visual at Tiny.

Clarity: Hazy
Eye: Light, Hazy
Nose: Lemon Preserve
Taste: Floral, Citrus

Tiny Rebel - Cold Fermented IPA (10th Birthday) | IPA | 4.5% abv | 440 ml

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