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Tiny Rebel - Mixed Berry Double Froozie Sour (10th Birthday) PRE ORDER


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A style we've really fallen in love with, the Froozie Sour. We've smashed this one full of blackcurrants for a tart berry taste explosion. Using Bramling Cross hops which again provides flavours of blackcurrant, lemon and spices for that double hit of berry jamminess.

The pair it all started with, our co-founders Brad (left) and Gazz (right) or the other way round depending on how many shandys you've had. From a passion project which started in a garage to an operation employing 160+ staff and a whole 10 years later. Somehow they've still not run out of ideas.

Clarity: Hazy
Eye: Deep Purple
Nose: Apple & Blackcurrant
Taste: Ribena

Tiny Rebel - Mixed Berry Double Froozie Sour (10th Birthday) | Froozie Sour | 7.0% abv | 440 ml

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