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Tiny Rebel - White Chocolate & Caramac Pale Ale (10th Birthday) PRE ORDER


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Well this ones a throwback. We rediscovered caramac a little while back and thought how good this would be as a pale ale. Blend it in with white chocolate and you're onto a winner. A smooth velvety rich pale ale which does exactly what it says on the tin. Notes of white chocolate, caramel and caramac.

Our staff are at the centre of everything we do so this ones for them. Fun fact: Did you know that we design bears for every member of our staff? On this badge youll see a bear belonging to a member of staff working in the brewhouse, warehouse, online shop, finance, sales, maintenance, packaging, our bars, cellaring and beyond.

Tiny Rebel - White Chocolat & Caramac Pale Ale (10th Birthday) | Pale Ale | 7.0% abv | 440 ml

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