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Track - A Different Age | Gold Top


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A triple measure of Citra hops in tank has our latest Gold Top DIPA singing with super-bright bursts of zingy Lemon zest and Ruby Grapefruit, bringing alongside an intoxicating aroma heady with flavours such as fresh Mango and Passionfruit. An addition of Nectaron hops boosts the juicy, tropical flavours and introduces notes of fleshy White Peach and candied Apricots, working in perfect harmony alongside the juicy characteristics of this thick and creamy DIPA. A final hit of NZ hop, Superdelic takes the tropical flavours to the max, brimming with overripe and juicy Mango and Papaya, which rises out the glass with fervency to meet you with your very first sip.

Track - A Different Age | Gold Top | Double IPA | 8.4% abv | 440ml

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