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Track Brewing - Elysia (collab Future Brewing)


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Enticing aromas of ripe Gooseberry, dry White Grape and delicate Honeydew Melon complement one another thanks to a very generous amount of brewery favourite, Nelson Sauvin (T90 and Sub Zero Hop Kief!) The body is super hazy, so expect our signature soft mouthfeel, letting all of those beautiful flavours dance around your palate. On a more personal note, we feel a connection with Future Brewing (Sydney, AUS) for more than one reason! Not only do we share a love for a haze-filled pint of greatness, but we also 'exported' one of our very own from the Track brew-team, intern Loz, straight to Future Brewing! We can tell already this is the start of a beautiful relationship...

Track Brewing - Elysia (collab Future Brewing) | DDH IPA | 7.0% abv | 440ml

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