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Track Brewing - Glow


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Being able to select our own hops was a huge milestone for us here at Track - making the yearly pilgrimage to the West Coast of the US, most notably to Yakima Valley to select specific lots of hops from dedicated family-run businesses, and seeing the whole process from start to finish is something that we’re proud to say is providing significant improvements in the end product. Citra is the backbone of many of our hop-forward beers, so being able to select a batch that truly stood out is incredible! This lot of Citra came from Double R Hop Rances (@doublerhop) - a family-owned and operated business started in 1945 in Yakima, WA, USA. Go and read about their story whilst drinking the beer, and think about all the hard-working individuals who made the drink in your glass happen.

Track Brewing - Glow | Double IPA | 8.0% abv | 440ml

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