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Track Brewing - Maiden (collab Fidens)


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Fidens are renowned for some of the biggest flavours in beer - producing huge hoppy, hazy numbers that changed the perception of what beer can be. We heard these brew-legends were over from the states for Hop City in Leeds - and had to reach out! A huge thank you to Anthony (Head Brewer) from Fidens who made the journey to come over and see us, and more importantly work his magic on our brew-deck and in our tanks! This beer is everything Fidens have come to represent. A thick and creamy mouthfeel, a pale yellow hazy pour, and an amalgamation of Citra (YCH 702 Trial, T90 & Cryo), Nelson, Nectaron, Peacharine and Riwaka Sub Zero Hop Kief working together in hoppy harmony.

Track Brewing - Maiden (collab Fidens) | Double IPA | 8.2% abv | 440ml

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