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Track Brewing - May Be Madness (Collab Oso)


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The second of our OSO collabs was brewed with the same base as Too Much Sanity, with pilsner malt, wheat and oats bringing sumptuous mouth feel and body. The dry hop was carried out using OSO’s method – after fermentation, the beer was dropped to 12°C and dry hopped using 20 grams per litre with Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy. The aroma is juicy pineapple, freshly squeezed mango juice and a hint of lime flesh. The flavour is beautifully smooth, bursting with papaya, chardonnay grape juice and sweetsop. A rounded, soft bitterness brings and holds everything together and lifts the fruity accents of the beer during the long finish.

Track Brewing - May Be Madness (Collab Oso) | DDH IPA | 7.0% abv | 440 ml

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