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Track Brewing - Rock The Boat | Gold Top DIPA


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Our Gold Top Formula is back with us for 2023. With each and every batch, we aim to fine-tune and perfect everything you love about these beers. Our big body base of Extra Pale, wheat & big juicy oats combined with our signature lactose addition gives a super smooth mouthfeel with a touch of sweetness. Idaho 7 and Strata give this version a massive amount of dankness, and the gentle addition of Rakau brings a subtle lime brightness to the finish. Notes of juicy Papaya mingled with sweet peach and berries.Based on the theme of cappuccino we brewed this thick imperial stout with milk sugar and vanilla for creaminess and aged the stout on whole brazillian coffee beans which are lower in acidity and higher in chocolate flavours than other varieties. We finished the beer with a low carbonation to enhance the smoothness and creaminess of the flavours. The artwork includes both a bear and bees drinking honey from coffee cups - in reference to both Berlin and Manchester's local animal mascots.

Track Brewing - Rock The Boat | Gold Top DIPA | Double IPA | 8.5% abv | 440 ml

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