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Track Brewing - Spark (Collab w/ Beak & Barth Haas)


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This Collab with our pal's Beak and Barth Haas is built on a beautifully clean and soft hazy base of pilsner malt with flaked and malted wheat, spelt and acidulated malt which really gives space for the hop products we used to shine. We've used Citra T90 pellets as well as Citra Spectrum, Ariana Lupomax and Calista Lupomax, flowable hop extracts which deliver punchy soft bitterness with a balance of ripe tropical fruit and some more herbal and resinous notes that meld together wonderfully on this smooth and easy drinking pale.Ê

Track Brewing - Spark (Collab w/ Beak & Barth Haas) | Pale Ale | 5.5% abv | 440 ml