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Track Brewing - Take My Place


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If there's ever an excuse needed to brew a big, beautiful TIPA - then celebrating our Birthday is definitely one of them. Our third-ever Gold Top TIPA, and may we dare say our best one yet?! Our base of Extra Pale, wheat & big juicy oats combined with our signature lactose addition really pushes the body to a level which is as beautifully soft as it is dangerously drinkable. Our most favourite hops of the year - Citra, Nelson and HBC 586 take centre stage in a few different forms. Candied pineapple, overripe mango and a white wine finish make this Gold Top TIPA a delight from start to finish.Hops: Cascade, Cluster Hops: Cryo Pop, Citra Cryo, Citra, Simcoe.

Track Brewing - Take My Place | Birthday Gold Top TIPA | 10.5% abv | 440 ml

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