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Track Brewing - Weight of the Planets | Gold Top DIPA


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This is the second iteration in our Gold Top DIPA quest, designed to bring more sumptuousness & highlight our favourite hop characters. The grist, which includes body-boosting wheat & rolled oats, is mashed at a relatively high temperature leaving behind some non-fermentable sugars which has the effect of increasing the final gravity significantly which, alongside lactose added at the end of the boil, leads to a smooth & super velvety mouthfeel. This sweetness & body brings out the pineapple, guava & mandarin character from Clayton's wonderful Rakau & Nelson Sauvin hops. Subtle white wine & gooseberry notes lead out to a smooth, luxurious finish.

Track Brewing - Weight of the Planets | Gold Top DIPA | Double IPA | 8.5% abv | 440 ml