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Track - Reprise


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Motueka has long been a firm favourite here at Track, so when we were given the opportunity to use Freestyle Hops new Mega Motueka, we jumped at the chance! What is Mega Motueka we hear you ask - well, it's an exciting blend of thiol enriched Phantasm, combined with a Motueka lot that has high concentrations of cysteine bound 3SH precursors and terpene alcohols, to create Mega Motueka. Sounds complicated and scientific eh?! Well, it is - but just know that it tastes incredible, and has an aroma that leaps of the glass like nothing else. We've paired this special blend with a couple of other versions of Motueka, alongside our every trusty Citra and another brewery - favourite, Riwaka. You're in for a treat!

Track - Reprise | Double IPA | 8.0% abv | 440ml

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