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Trillium - Black Currant Soak


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Soak: our line of sour wheat ales, aged in oak, featuring a variety of single fruit additions. We place a base brew crafted with 60% wheat grist in 600L oak puncheons for 3 months with fermentation duties shared gracefully between lactobacillus and our Native New England mixed culture. Loosely inspired by the cold-maceration process used in winemaking, we blend fruit directly into the barrels to ?soak? for enhanced extraction of unique colors, aromatics, and flavors. Delightfully acidic, but not funky, our Soak series is an approachable sequence of wild offerings that we are proud to share. Black Currants bring a slightly hazy ruby red hue and a pleasantly tart and deep profile of dark mixed berry compote, underpinned by a light tannic structure. Black Currant Soak is dry with undertones of oak and wheat accentuated by an effervescent carbonation for a crisp, quenching finish.