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Vinohradsky - Seaman Gose

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Seaman Gose is a refreshing, very drinkable light beer with a unique slightly salty and sour taste, complemented by herbal notes. The hop bitterness is almost imperceptible, the sharpness is medium. The beer has a classic light, straw yellow color. When creating its recipe, we were based on the ancient German tradition of the "gose" beer style. Light, top-fermented beer with more than half of wheat malt, which we supplemented with pilsner and seasoned with salt and coriander. We hopped it with a very small amount of Sládek hops. For fermentation, we chose a special strain of yeast that produces even a small amount of lactic acid.

Vinohradsky - Seaman Gose | Gose Sour | 3.9% abv | 500 ml

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